Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shadow of Death

A German officer and a part Jewish resistance fighter… their love is forbidden and dangerous…
     SS officer Derek Lorenz is instantly attracted to Analise, the beautiful resistance fighter, when she arrives at Neustadt concentration camp. He is one of the elite soldiers of the Third Reich and she is a prisoner—he knows they have no future together, yet he can’t get her off his mind. He must decide if he will follow his heart and betray his country or continue to serve the evil forces determined to conquer the world.
     All Analise wants is to escape the hell she is being forced to endure even as she finds herself falling in love with the enigmatic soldier guarding her.
    Can he be trusted or is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Analise isn’t sure, but one thing she is certain of—she has to find a way to escape the shadow of death falling across Europe.    
Super length novel - 94,000 words
Soon to be available from most e-book resellers and in print from Amazon

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